Street Photography Workshop in Valparaíso, Chile | Nov. 15-21, 2019

 “If we walk up and down all the stairs of Valparaíso we’ll have
walked all around the world.” - Pablo Neruda

I am excited to announce a new street photography workshop in Valparaíso, Chile in collaboration with the Leica Store Miami and the Miami Street Photography Festival. Join us as we explore this vibrant city’s flourishing street art, charming historic quarters and bustling street life. The Jewel of the Pacific is a gritty and lively seaport whose charm and poetry has captured the imagination of writers and artists time and time again. Come stroll the seaport’s narrow winding streets, steep stairs and brightly colored hillsides. Be inspired by the city’s rich history, unique energy, and its stunning views of the Pacific.

I will be the instructor for this workshop and Miami Street Photography Festival Director Juan Reyes and Leica Specialist Peter Dooling from Leica Store Miami will be on hand to give assistance and advice as you photograph the streets of this amazing city.

While Valparaíso is an incredibly photogenic city, in this workshop we’ll want to go beyond photographing the city’s picturesque scenes and undeniable charm to focus on developing your singular voice as a street photographer and visual storyteller.

The streets will be the canvas on which to develop and deepen your personal vision, and we’ll learn to see and capture beauty everywhere around us, from the most poetic corners of Valparaíso to the most mundane scenes. You’ll walk out of this workshop with a keen understanding of composition, of the effective use of light and shadow, and of the art of editing.

You’ll have a chance to learn from each other and from the works of a variety of artists in our class sessions. That said, we will want to spend as much time as possible shooting in the streets of Valparaíso and will therefore alternate days of class sessions with the entire group with days of individual reviews to discuss your work in progress.

For more information on the workshop and to register, please visit this link.